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December, 2019 | Archived Youth Service Organizations

Youth in Action is keeping very busy!

Youth in Action (YIA) is in full swing again! We have so many participating that we now have two groups. A small group meets on Sunday morning, and a larger group meets on Monday night. We have coordinated these meetings so that they both fall in the last week of the month, in keeping with our original schedule of the fourth Monday.

Our meetings are also coordinated with PREP so that Level seven students can meet either as a lesson with their PREP teacher, or with YIA to put their Catholic faith into action. All of this prepares them for Confirmation next spring.

In this year’s meetings so far we have gathered school supplies for Valley Youth House (VYH), and enjoyed a presentation by VYH’s Miss Chris. We have made rosaries for Mrs. San Juan’s Level I PREP class and for the Legion of Mary. Mrs. Bauer from the Legion also talked with us about the rosary. We know Mrs. Bauer already, since she is one of the adults who work with us during our YIA meetings.

And that’s not all…. we made special ornaments for our home bound parishioners, to give to them with their Christmas poinsettias. And finally, this month we will have our annual ‘Two Feet of Love in Action’ meeting, which helps us define social justice and charity. We tackle some big issues and come up with innovative ideas to deal with them.

Now we look forward to the second half of our year in YIA. We hope to make meals for Aid for Friends now that our parish kitchen renovations are complete. And we want to do more for VYH and our parish home bound members.

It’s an exciting year, practicing ways to respond to social justice and charity needs; and we look forward to becoming full participants in the Catholic Church in the spring.

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