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November, 2018 | Archived Parish Happenings

What’s new at Assumption?

If you own a home– or a birthday cake that is starting to run out of room for all the candles—you know that time takes a toll. Things wear out. New technology or different needs can also make change a necessity. So not surprisingly, the buildings and grounds of our Assumption home have recently undergone an assortment of needed revisions, often with the help of our own parishioners.

These projects, some of which are still in progress, have included:

  • New paint, window treatments, lighting, tables, and chairs in the church hall.
  • Sprucing up the church vestibule and improving traffic flow.
  • Creating space in the hallway (by the nursery) for conversation, comfortable seating, selling scrip, and Aid for Friends trays, as well as for the prayer intention book, sign up for the Offertory gifts, and the Hosea House.
  • Updating the heating system and removal of non-functioning boiler and unused oil tank.
  • Transforming the former school library into the Assumption Media Center (AMC)–a room now suitable for meetings, adult education classes, and also hosting Family Promise of Lower Bucks guest families.
  • Improving and expanding wi-fi access.
  • Removing trees that were diseased.
  • Repairing sections of the roof.
  • Replacing the back church doors that open to the convent parking lot —and making related structural adjustments.

Thanks to all who have helped make these changes possible by contributing their time, talent, or treasure.


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