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June, 2016 | Archived Did you know

Why is it called the Hosea House?

IMG_6959Do you wonder why this is called the Hosea House?  Hymn #672 summarizes the story told in the Old Testament Book of the prophet Hosea.  It tells the story of Hosea’s marriage to Gomer who bore him three children but who was unfaithful to him and became the slave of another man.  Despite her infidelity, Hosea was instructed by God to buy her back; a striking picture of the Lord’s great love for Israel!

Hosea represents God while Gomer represents God’s people who repeatedly wandered away from him by seeking and worshiping false gods.  The hymn, based on the book of the bible, beautifully reflects God’s longing for all of His children who have turned away from Him and His compassion for them.

As the hymn “Hosea” invites us to “Come back to Me”, so the church invites you to write the first names of your loved ones who no longer celebrate Mass and the sacraments and place them in the Hosea House.  In addition to holding these persons in daily prayer, one Sunday a month they are especially remembered in the Prayer of the faithful.

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