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March, 2020 | Archived Parish Happenings

Would you like to get more out of your faith?

Assumption hosted its first Alpha over ten Sundays in the Fall. Each session ran on Sunday from 12:15 – 2:15 pm and included lunch, a video and good conversation. About 25 people attended each Sunday and many new friendships were made. A post-Alpha survey of participants was very positive with comments including “I am thankful and more understanding of my faith and not afraid to ask questions” and “Each Sunday brought its own sense of joyfulness – I especially loved learning about the Holy Spirit”. Primary benefits noted by all surveyed included “made new friends” and “strengthened my faith” and a desire for Alpha to “reach more people”.

Alpha creates a space for people to think about and have conversation about faith, life, & God. At Alpha the people preparing it and running it are called the Hosts and Helpers. The attendees are the Guests. This structure helps emphasize exceptional hospitality and invitational culture, a sense of welcome and community, while helping people consider the Gospel and the why, what and how of it. Alpha is for everyone.

For our Fall Alpha, members of the Evangelization team at ABVM filled the roles of Hosts and Helpers. Our Winter/Spring Alpha started February 23rd and will run over 10 weeks, we have some participants from our first Alpha serving as Hosts and Helpers. This is a great testament to how well the Alpha has been received by our guests and reflects the many participants desire to see Alpha “reach more people”.

The primary means of promoting Alpha is through personal invitation. The postcards and website ( and registration forms and street signs are all there to help our parishioners consider coming to Alpha as a part of their faith journey. However, it is also to ask them to consider reaching out to others in invitation. Unplug. Connect. Comment out Loud. #TryAlpha No Strings Attached!

For Info: contact Nancy Hoyt, 215.720.1703

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