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December, 2019 | Archived HSS Sun of Hope Orphanage

Update: Sun of Hope Primary School

Mid-September, I traveled to Tanzania for a month to visit Sun of Hope Orphanage. It was a trip of a lifetime, especially since I had never traveled outside the United States before. I must thank the Holy Spirit Sisters and especially Sr. Catherine for their hospitality. I felt so welcome in Tanzania. While visiting, I was able to see Sun of Hope Primary School under construction. It is located in Usa River only about a 15-minute walk from the Orphanage and very close to the local Catholic Church.

Some Assumption parishioners may not know about the founding and construction of Sun of Hope Primary School. The idea began when Sr. Inviolata was visiting our parish in July of 2017. She explained how once old enough for school, our children at the orphanage would attend Bernard Bendel Primary School which is also run by the Holy Spirit Sisters. I was upset that the school was a 10 hour drive each way from the Orphanage because the children would need to board there. I asked how much cost to build a school closer to the Orphanage. Sister did get an estimate together and the cost was about $200,000.00 US Dollars. A formal fund-raising campaign was barely started when funds were donated out of Italy. A little over $30,000.00 was raised here by just three benefactors. That money was used to build the adjacent dining hall and kitchen with bakery.

Now that the school is well under construction, there is a need to supply and staff that school. A fund-raising campaign will soon get underway to help with these expenses. Parishioners are welcome to inquire about the campaign, but there is no plan to ask more of parishioners on behalf of the Holy Spirit Sisters. Our parish raises money to support the Orphanage through sponsorship and Christmas gifts and your continued support for that is greatly needed and appreciated. Please contact one of the Holy Spirit Sisters or myself, Bernadette Moss, for more information about the school funding campaign, if you are interested.

I have many pictures of my time in Tanzania, and I’d love to share them all. For this issue, I’m sharing the pictures of the Sun of Hope Primary School. They are gathered in two collections. They were taken about two weeks apart, so you can see the progress that is being accomplished. Most of the larger construction should be completed by mid-March 2020. Then with the help of funds gathered in this new campaign, the interior will be completed, and supplies purchased.

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