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January, 2016 | Archived Holy Spirit Sisters

The Sisters are determined to bring hope to the hopeless

Imagine a world without hope. No hope for a happy life. No hope for a good job. No hope to be able to raise a happy and healthy family. Imagine a world where, regardless of how hard you try to succeed, extraneous forces conspire to keep you down. When a child is born in one of the world’s developing countries, the odds are that child will face a difficult life. When that same child is born in a country which is severely impacted by the AIDS crisis, they may have to learn to survive without their parents. For too many children, this means a life devoid of hope.

In Tanzania, the home country of our Holy Spirit Sisters, the Sisters are determined to bring hope to the hopeless. To mark the 50th Anniversary of their Order, the Sisters took on a project to do just that. The Sisters decided to create the Sun of Hope Orphanage Village. The orphanage opened in February of last year, with twenty-one, three and four year old children. The Sisters intend to add more 3 and 4 year old children each year until the maximum capacity of sixty children is met. The children currently in the orphanage were recommended to the Sisters by the church and village leaders. The Sisters decided to start with these ages so they could see the children through pre-school to seventh grade. In Tanzania, seventh grade is the last grade before high school. In order to get into high school and then college, a child must pass an entrance exam and also be sponsored by their village. Most high schools and colleges in Tanzania are boarding schools and each child’s extended family is expected to pay tuition. Even with the help of a few non-governmental charitable organizations to provide for some of the expenses, often times there is not enough money to sponsor all eligible students. Those lucky enough to have their tuition paid, frequently return to the village from school after a short period, having not been suitably prepared for life on their own. The Holy Spirit Sisters, through the Sun of Hope Orphanage Village, intend to change that scenario.

Sr Inviolata Collage

Because the orphanage was a mission that Father Bill held very close at heart, the Assumption community held a fundraiser last summer to benefit the orphanage. In September, Father Mike presented Sister Inviolata with a check, on behalf of Assumption parishioners, in the amount of $3,560.00. Sister is so grateful to the Assumption community for the very generous gift and wants everyone to know that 100% of the gift will go directly to the orphanage. Also, Sister Inviolata would like everyone to know that all are welcome to visit their community and the orphanage in Tanzania.

We intend to have additional opportunities for Assumption parishioners to help the Sun of Hope Orphanage Village. Please watch the church bulletin for upcoming announcements.


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