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October, 2017 | Archived Parish Happenings

The new ramp!

“All are welcome” may be in our hearts and on the ABVM sign on Bristol Road, but sometimes there are physical barriers that keep people from fully participating in parish activities.  One of those challenges has been accessing the church hall.  Using the stairs was at best difficult and at worst impossible for those with a stroller, wheelchair, or just a bad knee.

How could that longstanding problem be solved?  An estimated cost of more than $100,000 ruled out an initial proposal of installing an elevator.  Instead, with the help of Tri-State Engineers, a ramp is being constructed outside between the church and the rectory.  The concrete steps there needed replacement, so this is a good time to create a township-approved ramp in this area. In addition, new double doors with glass will make access to the hall easier for all of us.




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