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November, 2017 | Archived Recipes

The Knorr’s Christmas Chicken

Amy Knorr, a long time parish member, likes to entertain on Christmas and her family does it in a “big” way!  The Knorrs holiday tradition begins with Amy’s parents, who belong to St. John Bosco Parish, joining them for Mass on Christmas Eve at Assumption.  Amy says, “We love our family, friends and our faith,” so her recipe, Christmas Chicken ties all the love together.  She adds, “Now we can all spend more time enjoying each other versus cooking and cleaning!”

Christmas for the entire family, sixteen plus friends, used to be a sit down affair.  But after convincing her mother, that a buffet was okay, they haven’t looked back and the tradition is marking its nineteenth year.  Christmas Day has become an “Open House” at the Knorrs and the meal is ready by noon and usually doesn’t end until very late into the night.  Amy says that this chicken recipe keeps everyone happy and she reminisces, “One year my parents were leaving for Florida the next day and we did cold cuts, the kids went through withdraw and we had Christmas Chicken four times before Ash Wednesday!”

The recipe calls for twenty pounds of boneless chicken breast or tenderloins.  Amy lets them self cook in a very large Dutch oven for approximately four hours.  The chicken sits on the table next to all of the crock pots to cook and to keep everything hot.  The crock pots contain already cooked rice and peas.  In addition, three large trays of mashed potatoes are prepared.  For ease, Amy uses Hungry Jack, but doctors them up with sour cream and a sprinkle of Paprika on top.  Chinese noodles and bread are also put out to accompany the meal.  In addition, there are desserts and treats galore for everyone who stops by the Knorrs to enjoy!

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