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November, 2020 | HSS Sun of Hope Orphanage

The 2020 Lenten Campaign is a huge success!

The 2020 Lenten Campaign was a great success–we collected:  $21,744.00!  Such an incredible amount, especially considering we all had to deal with the pandemic!  The amount has been confirmed and the donations have been given to the Holy Spirit Sisters who are very, very appreciative!  We am truly amazed at the amount and we are continually in awe at the generosity of the parishioners of Assumption.  We are all truly making a difference in the life of each and every child at Sun of Hope!  Thank you so much!

Below is a thank you sent from Sr. Dorothea at Sun of Hope:

Dear Parishioners of Assumption of B.V.M Parish.

How are you doing and your families? For us, we are fine together with our children.

Thank you so much for the amount that you have sent to us which will help to support and subsidize the expenses of the orphanage such as food, clothes, material goods etc.

Also we thank you so much for the rest of the amount which will help us to finish the bakery project whereby our children will benefit by getting bread for seven days per week. Apart from that the rest of the bread produced will be sold/supplied to different places in order to get an amount which will be supporting our orphanage village.

Lastly we appreciate whatever you are doing to us to support our children. May God bless you and your families.

From Sun of Hope Village.

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