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July, 2019 | Archived HSS Sun of Hope Orphanage

Sun of Hope Update

Update from Sister Sophia at Sun of Hope:

Our dear friends,

We hope that you celebrate Easter well, here in our village we celebrate well too.
The children enjoyed much because they ate eggs, chickens, candy and cakes. That is the fruit from the project of poultry. Afternoon they ate Pilau (rice with meat) soda and fruits. Evening they ate roasted banana, green vegetables with stew pig’s meat and fruits juice.
The fruit trees are near to produce fruits and our chickens continue to do well, they increase very fast. Now we have almost sixty chickens that lay eggs. The problem of them is the place to stay at daytime. We have a plan to extend the place for them to stay at daytime. As times goes we will inform you what is going on in our village.

With lots of Love!  “The blessings of the risen Lord be with you all”!

Words of thanks from Sister Inviolata (the cows and the barn were bought entirely with funds from the 2018 Christmas Gift Fund Collection):

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