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November, 2020 | HSS Sun of Hope Orphanage

Sun of Hope School is getting ready open!

It has been a year now since my visit to Tanzania. The school in now completely built and the dining hall and kitchen are nearing completion. The school should open in January 2021. We are now full-steam into fundraising on behalf of the Holy Spirit Sisters to help fund Sun of Hope Primary School. We have a Go Fund Me page, and we are active on Facebook. Our goal is to furnish the school, buy desks and chairs, purchase books, and provide internet. We have raised over $8,750.00 in the last month. Our fundraising efforts have been focused outside of the parish; sponsoring children at the orphanage is ABVM’s focus.

How can you help?

  • Please pray for our mission.
  • Please like us on Facebook “Sun of Hope Primary School” and share our page.
  • Please join our team. We need your talents.

You can contact us at:

Thank you!

Please enjoy this video of the children singing the praises of their new school:

The school being built!

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