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January, 2016 | Archived Stewardship

Stewardship Spotlight… Assumption Parish Library

Although no loaves or fishes were involved, the story of the Assumption library involves many people generously sharing their treasure, talent, and time.

How did this project come to fruition? Sister Diane recalled that “the seeds” were planted by various parishioners over the years who suggested that we should have a library like other churches had. However, the response always had to be—like the crowded inns of Bethlehem—“We have no room.” That changed, however, when the addition was built. On the ground floor—beneath the much needed bathrooms and nursery—was an empty room.

With permission from Father Bill, Sister Diane began asking and advertising for volunteers. A handful of people with assorted training, time, skills and interests answered that call and worked together to create a vision and plan to fill that space. Furniture and bookcases from the rectory and closed school were moved into the library—as were donations from parishioners of bookshelves, magazine holders, decorations, and supplies.

Of course, a library needs something for its patrons to read, so requests went out to ABVM members for “gently used” adult and children’s spiritual books and materials. The response was generous. The next step was the monumental task of cataloging, labeling, and shelving each item and creating a spread sheet of the titles. Subject categories of the collection include fiction, as well as autobiography, biography, Catholicism, devotional, grief, history, inspirational, Mary, liturgy, meditation Papacy, prayer, reference, sacraments, saints, self-help, spiritual, theology, and women. Our children’s books are suitable for all ages and reading levels.

In order to make the materials as accessible as possible, the library is open any time the building is open (even if the lights aren’t turned on) and is self-serve….just write your name and book title in the notebook and return the book when you are finished. During this past summer, a sampling of materials for children and adults was moved upstairs to the vestibule. However, the fall brought the need for space for the many other parish activities, so the “mini library” was carried back downstairs.

It is impossible to name everyone who has helped in creating, maintaining, and cleaning the library. However, the library committee and others who have contributed, or are contributing, their time and talent include: Hank Carroll, Jean Conley, Janet Corbett, Sister Diane, Brigitte Hix, Rose Jacobs, Annemarie Jannotta, Linda Pupkiewicz, Jack James, Corinne Graber, Christine Oberlander, Nicole Scalzo, and Mackerrlly Ballestteros.

Advent, like Lent, is a time when Catholics look for ways to reflect and renew. Turn off the TV and the computer and “check out” the treasures in the ABVM parish library, located adjacent to

the parish hall. In addition, the library committee, which meets only a few times a year, is always looking for new members and new ideas. If you have library skills, computer skills, an interest in reading, or some free time to lend a hand, email for more information or call Rose Jacobs 215-364-8131.

Library Collage

Our library…stop in for a visit!

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