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November, 2017 | Archived PREP

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Fall was a busy time for our Parish Religious Education Program (PREP). We welcomed 241 students, including 48 who entered the program for the first time in Level 1 and our Sacrament Catch-up class. We now have the Carey sextuplets in our Monday evening classes, and, with 22 new students in Level 1 on Sunday, we had to create an additional section. Thankfully, we had enough volunteers to accommodate everyone. We are currently blessed with 50 adult volunteers and 4 teens, who share our faith with the children and help keep the program running smoothly.

Our fall food collection yielded 96 pounds of peanut butter and 68 pounds of jelly, which was given to the Parish Food Pantry and also distributed in the Thanksgiving baskets. PREP families also provided all the “fixins” for Thanksgiving dinner for our friends and neighbors who are struggling financially. The children are encouraged to earn the money for their donations (rather than just ask their parents for the food), so it is THEIR sacrifice that makes a difference.

On November 13, Monday PREP students enjoyed one of our favorite yearly traditions—Mr. Ricciardi’s Level 5 class dressed as saints and told their stories. Students are also working on posters for the Knights of Columbus contest—“Keeping Christ in Christmas.” Watch the Bulletin for the winners’ names.

Preparations for Sacraments (for PREP and SKD students) are also underway. Parents of students who will receive Reconciliation and Eucharist in the spring joined the children for our Sacrament Kick-Off on November 6. Those children and parents, along with the Confirmation candidates and their parents, were presented to the parish and blessed at all the Masses the weekend of November 11-12.

Informational gatherings will be held on January 11 for parents of children receiving Reconciliation and Eucharist, and on January 25 for parents of our Confirmation students. J.P. Kasperowicz, who leads our Confirmation retreats, will address the Confirmation parents. His presentations are always engaging and inspirational.

Check back in the spring for more good news from PREP!

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