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March, 2020 | Archived SKD

Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic School update…

Many initiatives have been introduced and successfully implemented within our school due to our dedicated pastors, board members, parent association, faculty, staff, parents, and many benefactors and volunteers. As we continue to strive to make our school the best in Bucks County with the most cutting-edge programs and activities, I am so proud to announce the approval of our new Learning Annex which will be ready for our students in September of the 2020-2021 school year.

The new Learning Annex will be located where our current Catapult Support Services trailer is located next to the gymnasium. This new building will house our new Learning Support Center, Counselor Office, Catapult Remediation Room, and our Fine Arts Music Lab. Below is some information about these new rooms.

SKD’s Learning Center: Beginning in September, 2020, Saint Katharine Drexel Catholic School will fund its own Special Education Classroom which will be known as our Learning Center. The Learning Center will service students in grades K-8 with specific learning disabilities and diagnosis in the areas of English Language Arts and Mathematics. This room will include a full-time Learning Specialist who will serve as the special education leader of our school. Through the use of data informed processes to facilitate achievement in specific academic areas, this teacher will provide direct instruction to students by using specific intervention techniques. I am very happy to announce that Mrs. Katrina Culhane has accepted this position for the 2020-2021 school year!

Fine Arts Music Lab: This lab will be an integral part in shaping our students. To enhance a flourishing and enduring fine arts music program, a dedicated room will sharpen these skills. This room will also include a fully functional piano lab. The Yamaha Music Laboratory is an integrated system that consists of a teacher console, teacher’s keyboard and up to sixteen networked student keyboards. The teacher and students communicate using headsets with microphones and student call boxes connected to each keyboard. The teacher console can easily solo or combine students into groups for lessons and activities.

It is my privilege to announce these wonderful additions to our school especially as we celebrate Catholic Schools Week. At SKD, we have accomplished so much as a school community. I am so grateful for our school board’s hard work in supporting all of our goals, for our pastors constant love for our school and our children, for our incredible faculty and staff that have committed themselves to forming Catholic Leaders, for all of you, our parents- who entrust us with your most precious gifts- your children, and for our students who continue to show perseverance and courage in achieving academic excellence, personal discipline, and Christian service.

I look forward to sharing with you more information as we move forward with this new project. On behalf of Monsignor Marine and Father Mike, I thank you for your continued support of your children and our work to best prepare them for future success.

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