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October, 2017 | Archived Parish Happenings

Parking Lot Changes!

“Space” was the “final frontier” in the TV show Star Trek, but in the ABVM parking lot, it often seemed like the “final straw.”  People parking in the wrong direction, blocking rows, leaving empty spaces in the middle of the lot inaccessible, and not pulling up close enough to the vehicle in front of them created situations that often resulted in feelings of frustration and anger.  In addition to the challenges of getting everyone into and out of the lot efficiently for weekend and holiday Masses, there are multiple simultaneous evening parish activities—like CYO, Scouts, worship gatherings, and meetings—that begin and end at different times. The resulting traffic nightmares rivaled the mall parking lot on Black Friday.

Over the years, an assortment of changes has been made in hopes of fixing the situation but problems continued.  Consequently, Father Mike decided to take a fresh look at the situation and consult with not only long-suffering parishioners but professionals.   With the help of engineers, a total revision was proposed and put into place in August.  Although it may take some time for parishioners to become accustomed to the new patterns, the goal is to improve safety and traffic flow and increase the number of available spaces.  Any short-term pain will result in long term gain for all of us.




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