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June, 2016 | Archived Sacraments

Our Confirmation Celebration

Bishop Robert Maginnis presided over forty-two youngsters receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation at Assumption BVM on Saturday, May 7th. During his homily, the Bishop recalled that he did not want to attend “CCD” as a young child but his parents said, “Robert, you will go,” so he went. Then he added with a smile, “And look what happened to me.” The audience, especially the students, enjoyed the Bishop’s personal and humorous stories.

The Bishop then proceeded to ask the confirmandi questions and then congratulated them on their special day. He reminded them that Confirmation is serious business. He quipped “Everything happens on the weekends.” He said that people are too busy which can keep them away from celebrating Mass. He also discussed the need for kindness in a violent world and truth in a society where “anything goes.” He stated “God has a purpose for each of us and we should be thankful for all the gifts he has given us.” He concluded by encouraging the students to attend Church.

It was a beautiful, grace-filled celebration!

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