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September, 2019 | Archived Holy Spirit Sisters

Meet Sr. Marietha!

I am Sr. Marietha Joseph Kimaro, a member of the Holy Spirit Sisters.  I was born in Tanzania, Africa, to the family of Joseph and Fausta, both still living.  I am the second born of six children.

I was just a 12 year old when I heard the voice of the Lord calling me to be a Nun, but I didn’t know where he was calling me.  When I mentioned to my mom, she was like, “Child, you don’t know how the Lord looks like, how come you hear his voice then and what did he tell you?”  “Okay as your mother, I would like you to pray and to be a good listener and when he comes again, make sure you ask him where he wants you to be.”

So, after a long term of prayer, he came back to me strongly and I knew where he wanted me.  In 1995, I joined the community and I made my 1st vows in 1999.  Then in 2008, I made my final vows and received the new assignment to come to this country.   In the summer of 2008, I went to Florida to the Basilica of St. Mary Star of the Sea in Key West.  Since then, I have been serving that parish and the school for over ten years.

The Lord came back to me a few months ago, that he needed me in this community, as a missionary.  I am here among you to share the word of God with you.

As I am new as you can see, I think I will be allowed to ask as many questions and directions as I can.  I used to walk the whole island of Key West in three hours, but now I must know more than ten roads to take me where I want.

I thank my Sisters and you all, to welcome me into this wonderful community.  So, “Let us share the word of God together.”

Thank you and may God bless you all.

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Welcome to our parish and may God bless you abundantly. The presence of the Holy Spirit Sisters, bless us..