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December, 2019 | Archived PREP

Meet Patty Criniti…

Although Patty Criniti has been Assumption’s Coordinator of Religious Education only since September of 2018, her connection to our parish goes back almost 30 years. She began teaching at our school in 1991, and then after its closure, she continued her calling to educate children by becoming a catechist here.

Patty’s family consists of Anthony, her husband of 45 year; three sons and one daughter (born on the feast of the Assumption); and 2 granddaughters. Patty’s talents include music and art. She has shared the first gift since she was a singer in St. Leo’s Elementary School choir, including by being a cantor in many churches around Philadelphia and Bucks County for weddings and funerals. The second blossomed after the death of her son, and she shares it by teaching after school art classes at St. Katherine Drexel and Newtown Elementary School.

Overseeing the PREP program for her “church family,” means Patty must work with volunteer teachers and aides for both Sunday morning and Monday evening classes. She considers herself “blessed” to have them and her Administrative Assistant, Nora McDonough. Tapping into the dedication and expertise of these “amazing” people, Patty looks for ways to meet today’s children where they are and to help them to grow in their religion and love of God. In the classroom, traditional materials are supplemented with videos, internet resources, and games to keep the students engaged.

The most notable change with PREP this year involves Confirmation. Archbishop Chaput directed that the Sacrament be moved to level 7 or 8 for PREP students and grade 7 or 8 for Catholic school students. Our pastors at Assumption and St. Bede chose the former.

Happily, all of last year’s Level 6 teachers moved up with their students and are piloting a highly recommended program called Chosen. The typical schedule for Level 7 students is that the first two weeks of the month are in-class videos and activities. For the 3rd week, the students do not come to the building but work on an assignment involving parents or guardians. The 4th week is a Youth in Action meeting and activity. This year, thanks to a new volunteer, YIA will meet on both Sunday morning and Monday evening, so all the children will have an opportunity to not only learn about their faith, but to live it.

To learn more about PREP and how you can help, including being a substitute, contact Patty at 215-357-3445.

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