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March, 2016 | Archived Meet the Staff

Meet Father John…

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We splendidly welcome Father John Ambrose who is currently a Resident Priest at Assumption BVM.  In addition to helping out here at our parish, Father John’s main responsibilities are as Chaplin at St. Mary Medical Center.

Father John has been a priest for ten years.  He was ordained in 2006 for the Archdiocese of Trivandrum, Kerala, India.  He grew up in a coastal catholic village called Adimalathura.  He is an only child and his parents, Ambrose and Rosemary, still reside there today.

Father John is a writer and has authored about ten books, both in English and Malayalam, which is his native language.  He is also a student/teacher of Positive Psychology.  He currently holds two Master’s Degrees and is working towards his Doctorate.  When he is not busy with his priestly and academic responsibilities, Father John loves playing basketball.  In addition, Father John is quite the juggler and enjoys this hobby very much.

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Father John loves the generosity of the parishioners of Assumption BVM.  He fondly recalls the warm welcome from our congregation upon his arrival here.  He enjoys working with Father Mike to whom he refers as compassionate, as well as a friend and an older brother.  In addition to his deference to Father Mike, Father John also has a deep appreciation for the staff at Assumption BVM.  He has been impressed by the vitality and goodness of those who work in the Rectory.  Father John would like to add, “My dear parishioners, I just love you.  You add beauty into my life and meaning to my priestly life.”  We love you too, Father John!

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Father John is always smiling. His smile gives a good feeling to everyone he encounters.
Keep smiling Father John, the world needs happy people.