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June, 2016 | Archived Family Spotlight

Meet Chris Dern and his daughter Allison

FullSizeRender(2)When it comes to their contributions to Assumption, Chris Dern and his daughter Allison demonstrate the truth of the saying, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

The Dern family moved to ABVM in 1999 and Chris and Allison have become familiar faces to many in our parish. An older daughter, Ashleigh and husband Dennis, married in 2015 and moved to Levittown.

When it comes to being involved with the church Chris provides a role model— not just empty words. He is a lector, which he thoroughly enjoys and an usher for the 5 o’clock Mass. In addition, he is member of the Knights of Columbus. As a Third Degree Knight, he holds the position of Recorder.

In addition to his interests at Assumption, Chris, with a 20-year career in the commercial printing industry, works for Enterprise Label in Ivyland. Four years ago he started his own insurance agency, All About Insurance, which specializes in life, home and auto, and business insurance. A bass guitarist since the age of 15, Chris also enjoys reading, spending time with his family and playing golf, though he admits to being “terrible at it.”

Following her father’s example, Allison is a dedicated altar server and a participant in the PREP program. Not only is she a hard-working student, with a special mathematical talent for numbers and problem solving but, like her father, she is also talented musically. As a member of her middle school band and orchestra, she plays alto saxophone, viola, and upright bass or double bass, and she can sight read sheet music in three different clefs: alto, bass, and treble. Another area of interest for Allison is animals, her favorites being cats and sheep.

Like all families—and apple trees—the Derns have faced storms. Chris shares that one of the worst has been the end of his marriage. However, he credits his faith for being his crutch during the divorce process. It helped to sustain him in an otherwise unbearable situation and to eventually move him forward to find a new sense of self and happiness. During that journey, Chris and Allison—a “terrific twosome”—have maintained their faith while helping members of their ABVM family grow theirs.

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