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September, 2016 | Archived Welcome

A Letter from Father Mike

I have no doubts when I say that Assumption B.V.M. Parish- our parish- is a family, and I am blessed and privileged to be called “Father”. As our parish is a family, I am equally convinced that our parish is an organic community; we are living and breathing!! The Good Shepherd Prayer Garden, a project begun by a question about doing something in memory of Father Bill, and later suggested to be in honor of all priests who have and will minister as shepherds here, is a prime example of our organic quality. Deacon Bob Stewart, along with a few Knights of Columbus, began the planning process which later included parishioners who tirelessly put their time and talent into its completion. My thanks to all of you who have contributed to this awesome project! The return of the Legion of Mary as a vital parish organization, known as Our Lady of the Assumption Praesidium, the beginnings of Young Adult Ministry for 33-44 year olds, “Reach More,” a pilot program in evangelization, which will unfold in our parish as we have been selected to be 1 of the 5 parishes in our Archdiocese, upcoming parish-wide surveys about suggested Mass schedules and the feasibility of installing an elevator in our church and parish hall, and new families who are registering in our parish all point to our being a family who is organic. We are blessed by a dedicated and selfless parish staff, and I am grateful for each member of the Assumption B.V.M. family!

Peace and love,

Father Mike

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I’m very happy that a discussion regarding Mass times may be forthcoming. I am hoping that the 12:00 Mass on Sunday once again becomes a reality.