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September, 2016 | Archived Service Volunteers

Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary

Legion of Mary Pic Fall 2016This picture displays Father Mike blessing Jesse Fruman after he took his oath to be the President of the Legion of Mary for our beloved church Assumption BVM; a position held in the past by his mother, Karen.

The group meets on Thursdays at 6:45 PM in The Mary Chapel in the rear of the church. Jesse, along with his mother, approached Father to bring this group back as an outreach to Catholics who usually can not make it to church due to circumstances beyond their control (nursing home, sick, elderly, etc.). The Legion prays the rosary, listens and holds the hands of Catholics.

Jesse says, “I never expected to form the group and yet we have a wonderful, growing group of people who just want to lend an hour or so of time to help someone else. You get so much more out of it, than you put into the Legion.”

Congratulations President! You made it happen and put Assumption back on the list for legionaries of Mary!

For more information on The Legion of Mary or to join, call Jesse at 267-210-2718 or come to a meeting.

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