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May, 2020 | Archived Parish Happenings

John Chiodo brings daily mass to our homes…

John Chiodo brought Assumption parishioners daily mass throughout a good portion of the quarantine.  Here is John’s account of how he accomplished this.  Thank you, John!


The videos for the daily masses are taken the evening before. I am behind two cameras, one on a tripod and the other freehand. This makes the process of editing things afterwards easier and produces a much cleaner product.

If you notice on the daily videos, there’s almost zero camera movement ‘from one subject to another.’ Having dual cameras allows the fades/dissolves to occur from one shot to the next without actually having to show camera movement. The livestream on Sunday doesn’t have that luxury of editing the live product.

Following the actual recording of the mass, approximately one and a half hours is needed to edit/render the video. The edits include boosting the sound, and reducing the amount of echo from the church, increasing the sharpness of the video and doing some color correction including the lightening of shadows and some desaturation of the dense colors produced in the low light of the church.

The finished product is then uploaded to a YouTube channel that’s been ‘tied’ to the ‘video mass’ button on the front page of the myParish Smartphone App. I then schedule a message to push at 6:00 am the next morning telling the folks the daily mass is available on that button or by following a direct link to the YouTube channel.

Most often, my family members have been gracious enough to do the readings each day–they have been rotating that task and I am hopeful they will continue to help. On occasion we have guests joining the actual celebration of the service, like Brandon Schmidt or Deacon Eric (or both), and Father Kelly has contributed some photos for the opening ‘Welcome’ slide.

There’s been some concern over how many folks are actually attending the service, so I’ve made sure to include a short pan through the church during ‘communion’ showing that there is really no one there.

We fade, at the end, to a credits slide after each Mass which details the participants.

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How can I get the sunday mass on my TV?

    The 11:00 Sunday Mass is live-streamed on ABVM’s Facebook page. You can watch it on a smart device, such as a phone or tablet.

Thank you John for doing this! Great job!