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November, 2020 | Parish Happenings

Family Promise of Lower Bucks continues their mission during COVID-19.

How do you “shelter in place” when you have no place to shelter? Although COVID-19 caused many things to stop, homelessness was not one of them.

Family Promise of Lower Bucks decided to continue providing services to its guests throughout the pandemic by revamping its procedures to ensure safety. Under the new format, which remains in place until further notice, the children and their parents are housed at the Day Center from morning until after dinner. Then one of a small pool of volunteers drives them in the van to the church where they all sleep, until the volunteer returns them to the Day Center early the following morning. Rather than rotating on a weekly basis, several churches have provided space for multiple weeks. Therefore, during Assumption’s four “hosting weeks” this summer, we were responsible only for providing items the guests needed at the Day Center and a dinner each evening.

However, COVID could not stop the generosity of our parishioners. Some donated money for breakfast and lunch food, and others signed up to prepare (or purchase) a meal and then dropped it off at the Day Center. Because there was no direct contact with guests, no clearances were needed. In addition, the new “ivolunteer” software allowed volunteers to provide dinners on other dates when food was needed.

ABVM members also donated gift cards and household items for those families who “graduated” into their own apartments during this time; provided items for FPLB’s basket raffle, and helped “alumni” families with needs, like donating items for children’s Easter baskets.

What “hosting” will look like in 2021, we do not know. But we do know that our weeks will be May 23-30; June 20-27; July 18-25; and August 15-22—and that our parishioners will share their time, talent, treasure and prayers with those in need. To sign up to feed a homeless family through Family Promise, go to and select the appropriate month. Password is fplb19057. To learn more about other ways you can help, go to; or contact ABVM Volunteer Coordinators Pat Basgil; 215-588-0244; or Rose Jacobs; 215-364-8131.

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