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March, 2016 | Archived Family Spotlight

Meet Deb Tumpak…

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To say that Deb Tumpak is a life-long parishioner of Assumption is actually an understatement.  Her parents, Joseph and Dorothy, have been parishioners since before she was born.  Although Joe is originally from Ohio, Dorothy’s parents were founding members of ABVM in 1949.  Before our church was constructed, Deb’s grandparents were among those who attended Mass in what is now the Tri-County Band building.

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Like her two younger sisters, Deb was born, baptized and educated in the parish, graduating from Assumption School.  She now she works for a company that builds wind turbines. Despite her busy schedule she continues to give back to her Assumption parish family in two different ways.

Deb’s spiritual contribution is being a lector.  Her journey to that ministry began when she read at her grandmother’s funeral.  Father Brennan asked her to become a lector, but her initial reaction was that she’d “think about it.”  The next time he spoke to her about it, it was to inform her she was on the schedule!  Twelve years later, she is still doing it.  Deb feels that the time commitment for reading once or twice a month is a minor one and well worth it.  Using the lector’s manual helps her to reflect on and better understand the readings—as well as properly pronounce harder words—and this not only helps her prepare, it brings her a deeper understanding of Scriptures and helps her to grow spiritually.

Deb’s secular contribution taps into her talents and passion which are cheerleading and the CYO.  That journey began when both Deb and her sister were cheerleaders at Assumption.  As an adult, her younger sister got her involved with helping in Warrington.  The following year Deb came to Assumption when an opening occurred.  Over the years, Deb’s involvement has expanded from coaching cheerleading to include the “governance” aspect of CYO—she is currently serving a term as Immediate Past President of the organization.

In addition to cheerleading, CYO sponsors football, soccer, volleyball, basketball and softball.  Volunteers are needed to be coaches and to assist the coaches, so high school graduates and college students are welcome.  Volunteers are also needed to serve on the Board, which meets the first Tuesday of every month at 8 pm in the gymnasium.  Board members do not need to have athletic skills or have a child participating in a CYO sport.  Therefore, this is an ideal opportunity for retired amateur athletes, teachers, or anyone else who has an interest in helping children.  For more details about CYO, talk to Deb or visit

Although Deb sometimes thinks about retiring from CYO, she admits she “loves doing it.”  ABVM children and their parents hope that she will continue to share her dedication and enthusiasm with our parish for many years to come.


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Deb is awesome. Both she and her mom (Dot) helped me with the parish blood drive for years. She is always one to lend a hand, and I can’t wait to see what hat she will wear for this years Easter Vigil.