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June, 2016 | Archived Parish Happenings

A celebration where religion meets culture!

The reading (Acts 2:1-11) on Pentecost Sunday, recounts the coming of the Holy Spirit upon the disciples gathered together. They began to speak in different languages to the amazement of the Jews who gathered from ‘every nation.’

On Pentecost Sunday in 2011, Sister Diane experienced the reading of the Prayer of the Faithful in various languages at another parish. It planted the seed to try something similar at Assumption. As a result of the growing ethnic diversity of our parish a new tradition began in 2013. An invitation went out to parishioners to share the foods and culture of their heritage. Approximately thirteen countries were represented that year.

Flash forward to this year’s celebration where twenty-three countries were represented and the number of families involved has increased tenfold. Pentecost SummerItaly seemed to have the most choices and our parishioners from the Philippines had the most people involved. Countries from five continents were in attendance, leaving only Australia and Antarctica unrepresented.

As the pictures indicate, in addition to the food, a highlight was making new friends. As the celebration has continued to grow, many parishioners now know each other by name and look forward to the camaraderie the day provides.

If you would like to represent your country or just enjoy next year’s celebration, please mark your calendar to be part of this incredible feast for Pentecost on June 4th in 2017!

Pentecost Collage 2 Summer
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