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May, 2020 | Archived Parish Happenings

Brandon’s scenes from the (remote) Seminary…

The scenes from the seminary were quite different for the last quarter of the year. Instead of the classrooms, libraries, and ornate chapels, the seminary really became the desk in the corner of my room here at home and the empty pews of the church. The pandemic opened a new door in my life, a chance to become a director. It was the dream I never had. Throughout the pandemic I was recruited to livestream Sunday Mass for the parish, and boy was it a challenge. I recently saw a meme of a priest describing Mass during the pandemic who said, “we used to face the crucifix, then we faced the people, now we face the camera.” Although it’s something to chuckle at, it’s also the truth.

I never realized how much time and effort it took to perfect the lighting, angles, movement, and especially the audio in a livestream Mass. I appreciate your patience through all of that. But as Father Mike has said and I agree, it was important for all of us to gather as a parish family on Sundays even if it was virtually. That sense of familiarity and “homeness” of the Mass at Assumption was comforting for many people during the difficult times. I thank John Chiodo and Nora McDonough for your generous assistance connecting our parish family to the parish. I think through this pandemic we have opened the doors to many possibilities of making our parish more digitally literate.

I was inspired by how many people logged onto our livestream who hadn’t been to Mass in years or who have moved away from the parish. I was also inspired by the amount of people who reached out sharing their thirst for the Eucharist. Not being able to receive the Eucharist regularly was definitely a huge spiritual loss for so many. However, the pandemic gave us an opportunity to step back from the busyness of life and appreciate the things we take for granted: freedom, health, our parish family, and the Holy Eucharist. I pray that everyone remains in good health moving forward. I also hope that after the hiatus, our faith in the Lord and His sacrifice celebrated on the altar every day is strengthened.


A huge thank you to Brandon Schmidt for bringing Assumption parishioners Sunday mass throughout the quarantine. Here are pictures of how Brandon accomplished this and the evolution of his process.

May 3rd Mass

Brandon now uses two cameras plus a laptop to coordinate and for special effects, and there are lots of wires involved.  Also, he is now using some open-source software (Open Broadcaster Software) that allows things like the fading effect between the two cameras.

May 24th Mass


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We love you Brandon! Thank you so much for doing this.