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October, 2017 | Archived Parish Happenings

Big changes ahead for the church vestibule!

Narthex, vestibule, lobby, or entrance—whatever you call it, it is the first thing that people see when they walk through the front doors of the church.  In hopes of refreshing and enhancing this area, Father Mike gathered a team of volunteers to address the challenges presented.  After a series of meetings; soliciting input from the entire parish; exploring options; and weighing expense, time, and durability, many changes will be made to help brighten the space.  Some of the items involved with this “face lift” include:

  1. Restoring the 3 bronze outside entrance doors and middle entrance doors to the church to their original bronze finish.
  2. Painting the ceiling white with a popcorn finish.
  3. Replacing the ceiling fixtures with new brighter LED fixtures.
  4. Cleaning and refinishing the stone floor.
  5. Replacing the wooden frame and doors leading to the parish hall with a metal frame and double doors like the ones for Mary’s Chapel.
  6. Installing a camera on the choir loft and adding a second TV monitor in the lobby to televise the mass for anyone who might have to leave during mass and also to show items of interest to the parish before and after mass.
  7. Installing wall support for Sacred Heart statue.
  8. Replacing the doors leading to the choir loft.
  9. Relocating the bookcase and wall tack strips to the area leading to the hall.

The goal is to have these, and all other changes, completed before December.

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