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September, 2018 | Archived Parish Happenings

Assumption Parishioner Brittany Worthington Found Her Calling as a FOCUS Missionary


I grew up, like many other young adults in this area, going to Catholic school and attending Mass every Sunday. Overall, I was relatively happy. I was actively involved in CYO sports, youth group, teen CYO, the passion play, dance classes, and just about anything else I could get involved in. I knew about the Catholic Church and its teachings but lacked a true understanding of what it meant to be loved and known by Jesus. God was simply a “higher up” who kept watch over me.

However, I started to stray from my faith when I started my college career at Temple University. I would keep up with Mass on Sundays but also begin to involve myself in the lifestyle that college says is “good.” Everyone around me was going to parties and seemed to be having a grand time. However, the happiness I felt during and after each party faded away. I begin to have the realization that there has to be something more to life than just living party to party. Another student, Amy, also befriended me around this time. Amy’s friendship was always genuine and much deeper than any friendship I had experience before. She invited me to join her bible study and I begrudgingly said yes. During this time in bible study, the Gospels begin to connect with me and my life in a way that was like nothing I had experienced before.

I had gotten to the point where I was intrigued by the Newman Center and the joy and truth they seemed to have. However, I was very unwilling to let go of the parties and the life that college was telling me was good and fun. During my sophomore year, Amy invited me to a five-day long conference. At this conference, I had a profound encounter with the Eucharist during Adoration and I knew at that moment that God was here with me, He loved me infinitely, and there was no place too far that I could run from Him. After this encounter, I knew that there were other young people who did not know this truth but needed it shared with them. I came back from this retreat and began to become heavily involved with the FOCUS missionaries on Temple’s campus. I started leading my own bible study and mentoring other students to lead their own bible studies.

After being involved with FOCUS during my undergraduate years at Temple, I knew this was a mission that I wanted to continue. During the fall of my senior year, I applied to FOCUS and was offered a position with them as a missionary. I accepted the position and I will be serving the students, full-time, at James Madison University through weekly bible studies, mentorship, and by showing to them the genuine love that Jesus has for each one of them.


Editor’s Note:  FOCUS Missionaries are responsible for 100% for their expenses and salaries.  Therefore, they depend solely on fundraising efforts.  If you would like to help Brittany, please go to:

Also, if you have any questions or would like more information on FOCUS, please contact Brittany at: 215.485.6423 |


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