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March, 2020 | Archived Parish Happenings Service Volunteers

“Assumption angels” are performing God’s work…

Imagine waking up one morning to realize that your child is in danger and you must immediately leave to keep him safe. You will have nothing and must depend on God to provide the people and resources you will need to survive.

Two thousand years ago, Mary and Joseph did just that when they fled to Egypt to protect Jesus from Herod. However, in 2020, similar challenges—including not having a place to live when giving birth—are repeated every day. We only have to change the names—from Mary to Denise, Danielle, Amanda, or Christine—the location—from Egypt or a stable in Bethlehem to church facilities in Bucks County—and “God’s hands on earth”–from the innkeeper and unknown Egyptians to you, me, and Family Promise of Lower Bucks http://(

In 2019, Assumption became a “host congregation” for Family Promise and provided overnight lodging, meals, and fellowship in the former school building for homeless children and their families 4 different weeks from May- August. But since that time our parishioners have continued to be involved by volunteering at other sites, helping at the FP Day Center on Woodbourne Rd., driving the van, donating needed resources, assisting the families who have moved from the program into their own residences, and providing financial support to FPLB. The efforts of these “Assumption angels” have been greatly appreciated by the other congregations, Family Promise Director Jessica Schwartz, and the “guest families.”

Assumption’s hosting weeks for this year will be May 24-31; June 21-28; July 12-19; and August 9-16. Volunteers who drop off food or assist with tasks like cleaning or laundry, don’t need to have the Archdiocese-mandated clearances, but those who interact with the children do. To make that a bit easier, the required Protecting God’s Children class is being offered at ABVM on Thursday, April 2 at 6PM and Saturday, May 2 at 10AM. To register for one of them or for a class on another date, go to

To learn more about Family Promise, how you can assist when ABVM hosts, or about the other required clearances, please contact volunteer coordinators: Rose Jacobs,, 215-364-8131 or Pat Basgil,, 215-588-0244.

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