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March, 2019 | Archived HSS Sun of Hope Orphanage

An Update on the Sun of Hope Orphanage

The children are doing well and thriving at Sun of Hope.  As reported in the last newsletter, the Christmas Gift Fund was a huge success!  Again, thank you to all of you that supported the gift fund.  The children received lots of goodies and enjoyed a wonderful Christmas, including a party!  Please follow the links to see videos!

After the holidays, a new semester began for the children.  Some of the older children left for primary school in Morogoro.  Many of these children were not happy because they said they were going to miss their home and their friends at the Sun of Hope Orphanage.  Sr. Sophia, who oversees the children said, “It was very difficult to see them leaving, some of them were crying.  We hope someday we will have the school ready so that they won’t go back to Morogoro.”   The children at the primary school will return to Sun of Hope for holidays and vacations and the staff and other children eagerly await their return!

For the latest information from Sun of Hope, please read Sr. Dorothea’s letter below:


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