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September, 2018 | Archived HSS Sun of Hope Orphanage

An Update on the Sun of Hope Orphanage

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The children at the Sun of Hope Orphanage are doing very well.  According to Sister Sophia, the children are very good students.  They are proficient in writing, reading, counting and drawing.  In addition to learning English, they are also learning Italian!  I was lucky to have the opportunity to video chat with Sister Sophia and one student, Rehema.  I was very impressed at how well Rehema spoke Italian!  She asked me several questions with ease and then counted to 10; I was amazed!  In addition to religion and academics, the children are being taught how to properly take care of themselves and the environment.  She also remarked on how well behaved the children are.  She says that all of the teachers and guardians work together to ensure that the children learn proper social skills.  Sister Sophia adds, “We thank our Benefactors from Assumption BVM Parish.  Our good Lord God, bless you!”

Picture taken Tuesday, August 21st, at Sun of Hope

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