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June, 2018 | Archived HSS Sun of Hope Orphanage

An Update on the Sun of Hope Orphanage

Everything is well at the Sun of Hope Orphanage Village!  The children are all well and growing up nicely.   We decided to surprise the children and we recently sent them a package of DVDs  to enjoy.  A total of ten movies were sent, which were comprised of  various Disney musicals and “The Sound of Music.”   Sr. Sophia will purchase a new DVR player for the children so that they can watch their new movies with no worries. In addition, we included a Kindle Fire to be used by Sr. Sophia to take videos and pictures of the children and to easily capture those “everyday moments.”  The purchase of these items was made possible because of the generosity of parishioners and friends to the Christmas Gift Fund.

As reported in our last newsletter, we did go ahead and purchase two all-in-one computers that we bought at a great price and that were absolutely beautiful.  But, we ran into problems with getting them to Tanzania, which included, they were slightly too big to carry on to the plane and because of FAA regulations they could not be stowed in the luggage compartment.  In addition, our other alternative, shipping them to Tanzania was equally as trying.  Shipping costs ranged from $1,300.00 to $1,660.00, plus customs costs would have added an estimated $900.00! Sadly, we returned the computers and decided our best bet was to purchase a computer in Tanzania.  The prices should decrease after the summer and we will try and purchase one then.  We will update the status of this in a future newsletter.

As always, the Holy Spirit Sisters are extremely grateful to Assumption parishioners and their friends for their continued support.  Sr. Sophia sent the following note:


Please enjoy this video from the Sun of Hope Orphanage

Children sing the “School Song” and the “Welcome Song”, enjoy!

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