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March, 2018 | Archived HSS Sun of Hope Orphanage

An Update on the Sun of Hope Orphanage

Life has been busy at Sun of Hope!  The school year is underway and the children are settling in nicely.  Please make sure to watch the videos at the bottom of this page.  You will see how nicely the children are growing and how bright they are!

The children are anxiously awaiting delivery of their new shoes.  We ordered fifty pairs of sandals from

Please follow the above link to find out more about this wonderful company and their incredible shoes!  The Holy Spirit Sisters in Kenya picked up the shoes after they passed through Customs.  Besides its warehouse here in the states, the company also has a warehouse in Kenya, so rather than have the shoes shipped here and then paying to have them shipped to Tanzania, this was a great option.  Sister Inviolata from the orphanage will make the short drive to Kenya to pick up these shoes and give them out to the children.   Soon all the children will have brand new sandals!  How exciting!

In addition, with the leftover money from the Christmas Gift fund, we are  looking into purchasing computers for the children to use in their classrooms.  Sister Inviolata is visiting in the spring, so she will be able to take them back with her.  Please look for more information about this in the next newsletter.


Sr. Teresia sent the following letter of thanks to the parishioners of Assumption:

Please enjoy these videos from Sun of Hope


Rehema sings

Some of the children play school


Some of the children acting


More of the children



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