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November, 2017 | Archived HSS Sun of Hope Orphanage

An Update on the Sun of Hope Orphanage

Everything is going well at the Sun of Hope Village.  The children are back together and are all attending classes right at the orphanage village.  A new child has been taken in, a two year old boy, Daniel, making the grand total thirty-four!  Sister Catherine, who visited in October said, “When I was in Tanzania for our Chapter Meeting, I visited the children at the Sun of Hope Orphanage. They were very happy to see me and asked me how everyone is doing at Assumption Parish.  The children look very happy because of all of you.  When I think about their life before they came to the Center and the life they are living now, I just give thanks to God for his kindness to these children.  They are using the washer and dryer, the Sisters and the other workers are very happy for having more time to spend with the children.”

When a parishioner, who wishes to remain anonymous, found out that Sr. Catherine was going to Tanzania and she had a little room in one of her suitcases, the parishioner asked her if she could take something to the children from her and her husband.  Sr. Catherine agreed and was surprised to receive thirty-four pairs of pajamas!  Together, the two vacuumed packed the pajamas, and they fit perfectly in what little room Sister had in her suitcase.  The children were so excited to see the new pajamas, in fact, they didn’t want to take them off and they wanted to wear them as play clothes!

Sister Catherine adds, “The children and Sisters send many greetings to everyone and they said that they are praying for you and your families.”





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