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December, 2016 | Archived Holy Spirit Sisters

A few words from Sr. Inviolata and the children at Sun of Hope!

Merry Christmas and New Year 2017.

Its Christmas time which many people likes to celebrate and exchange some gifts, with their families.  In Tanzania many children at Christmas time due to different celebrations.  This applies to Sun of Hope Children at Usa River Arusha.

It’s the time to have some delusion’s food new clothes, and some presents.

In January 2017, 12 of them will start grade I and for them it’s the time to enjoy, see and make some new friends. It’s unending song for this for them.  I asked them what they want to tell the Assumption Parishioners.  We love them and “They said they are our grandfathers, grandmothers, mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, and great friends.  We will never forget them.”

Not only that, they gave us Christmas presents like special food, new clothes, sweets, and other gifts, what a wonderful people they are. The donation you sent through Sr. Catherine and Sr. Martina has done a wonderful job – see photos.  Now we have 22 children, the smallest in the picture is the new one.  sun-of-hope-2-picmonkey-collageThe children are smiling because of you.  On December, 5 2016 is the day they will never forget in their life because they had a Christmas party for the first time in their life time it was a joyous moment.  They realized and experienced God’s love through Parishioners of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary Parish people from far away; you did as God says how can I forget you Jerusalem/Children of Sun of Hope Orphanage? They too will never forget you praying to see some of you in Tanzania.

We the Holy Spirit Sisters are kneeling praying and thank you for giving our children Hope that the child is born in Bethlehem not in Jerusalem but at the Sun of Hope Orphanage. It’s our Christmas with the children.

With prayers,

Sr. Inviolata Kessy




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