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June, 2016 | Archived Holy Spirit Sisters

A Big Thank You!

To:   The Assumption of the B.V.M Parishioners

Re:   The Sun of Hope Orphanage Project


I, Sr. Inviolata Kessy, the Provincial Superior of the Holy Spirit Sisters Tanzania, On behalf of the Sun of Hope Children, may I express our inner most sincere gratitude for the project of raising fund for the survival of the children.

It was a big surprise to see the amount collected of $11,045.00 Wow!! It is a puzzle and big miracle of the Risen Lord.

“Jesus broke the bread and Fish and gave not only the disciples but also the hungry people.  He also gave the Parishioners of the B.V.M Church the generosity to help His continuation of doing his miracles.  He made you to be a broken bread.  He uses you to do great miracle of fish and bread to the children at Sun of Hope Centre.

Your collection will feed, nourish and give them hope of being loved, cared, and of cause with your generosity they will lack nothing.  Always they will tell the wonders of God to others. “God is Good all the time.”

They told me to tell you that; they love you Assumption Parishioners, they will never cease to pray for you, for “You have been the source of Their daily Bread.”  Be blessed. And thank you for making our Mission of Sun of Hope Orphanage to bloom.

With Prayers,

Sr. Inviolata Kessy,

The Community of Holy Spirit Sisters and

The Sun of Hope Orphanage Centre

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