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March, 2017 | Archived Holy Spirit Sisters HSS Sun of Hope Orphanage

Our 2017 Lenten Orphanage Campaign Has Begun!

The 2016 Sun of Hope Orphanage sponsorship drive was a great success.  When we began our drive last year, we had no idea what to expect.   We were truly impressed that the parishioners of Assumption so lovingly embraced the project and so generously gave to the endeavor.  We never imagined that people would take one, two, or even more children. We felt warmhearted when we heard sponsors talk about “their” child(ren).  Words cannot begin to describe the proud feelings we get when we think about each and every sponsor that had a part in the project’s success story.

In the spirit of Lenten sacrifice, we will once again run this project.  The Sun of Hope 2017 Lenten Campaign began the weekend of March 4th/5th and will run through Easter.  In addition to the twenty-one children from last year, twelve more have been added for a total of thirty-three children.  Below are the pictures that are displayed in the foyer of the church.  Browse the displays and choose the child(ren) you would like to sponsor.   The amount you choose to donate is entirely up to you.  All pictures of the sponsored child(ren) will be distributed after the project has come to a close.  An announcement in the Church Bulletin will inform you of the weekends that the pictures will be distributed after Masses.  In addition, sponsors will receive periodic email updates with info, pictures, etc. from their children.

Please remember to keep the children, the orphanage and the Holy Spirit Sisters in your prayers–because we are in theirs.  If you should have any questions or comments about the 2017 Campaign, please do not hesitate to email

Once again, thank you so much for past support and thank you in advance for your consideration and prayers for the upcoming campaign.





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