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The quarterly newsletter for Assumption BVM Church


A message from Father Mike…

Dear Family,

I had happily begun my sixth year as your Pastor on August 26, and like the opportunities to communicate with you. “News from the Pews” has for several years been an excellent means of communication about who we are; a family! As you read the Winter Edition this time, you will notice new families who have joined the Assumption BVM family, and will get a “glimpse” of the friendly vibrancy of our parish. As I am writing this piece on September 12, I had met with parents today who had come to the pre-Baptism “Meet and Greet,” and are planning their babies’ baptisms soon. Many of the parents had recently registered in our parish, and the uptick in new registrations and baptisms point to our being alive and well. Despite the restrictions of the pandemic for the past several months, our parishioners have celebrated Baptisms, First Communions and Weddings. Bishop John McIntyre confirmed 41 of our parishioners on September 19. Thank God, we are alive and well, and have probably learned about our strengths during the pandemic. The angel Gabriel’s message to the Blessed Mother is for us, too; nothing is impossible with God!

Peace and love,

Father Mike

During the summer of 2013, an idea was born to create a newsletter to highlight the many wonderful parishioners and accomplishments of Assumption BVM Parish.  Later that year, the first of issue of "News from the Pews" was published.  It has certainly been a wonderful ride, each issue, I feel, surpassing the last.  What started out as a literary publication, changed with the times and became more photojournalistic in nature.  Each issue filled with numerous examples of an extremely active parish life here at Assumption.

Unfortunately, it has been decided that the newsletter has perhaps run its course.  Hence, effective immediately, "News from the Pews" will be going on hiatus indefinitely.  This decision has been an extremely difficult one.  I truly hope that everyone who has read our newsletter, takes the same pride in our parish that the staff and I do.  Thank you to those parishioners that have read our newsletter and enjoyed it.  It has been greatly appreciated.

I would personally like to thank:

  • Our wonderful newsletter staff (please see those people on the "Newsletter Staff" Page of this newsletter), who worked hard to put forth a stellar piece of work with each issue;
  • To Fr. Mike for his continuous support; and
  • To Sr. Diane and Dave Hanas, our Technical Director, who together, had a wonderful idea seven years ago.

Be well and be safe,

Lisa Shire

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