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The quarterly newsletter for Assumption BVM Church


A message from Father Mike…

Our active parish is blessed in many ways, and since the last edition of this excellent newsletter, I highlight a few of the blessings. Since the last edition, Rosemarie and Mario Milletti, Linda Stewart (Deacon Bob’s wife), and her sister-in-law, Cindy Addington, had joined me in Tanzania from December 9 until December 17. In our days there, we had witnessed first-hand the palpable benefits of your generosity. The children at the Sun of Hope Orphanage are incredibly happy, and so appreciate the two cows the Sisters could purchase because of your generosity to last year’s collection. The children now have their own source of milk! The Holy Spirit Sisters are growing as a religious order, as nine young women professed their First Vows, and two Sisters celebrated their 25th Jubilees while we were there. ABVM Parish has a special place in all their hearts; we cannot minimize the benefits of our generosity! The Christmas celebrations in our parish were typically beautiful, and I was especially touched by the music and the presence of many members of our Indian Latin Catholic Community, who joined us for the 8:00 PM Christmas Eve Mass this year. Our sisters and brothers who share our parish with us so appreciate our welcome. Our Teen Youth Group again did not disappoint the many families who received many gifts from your generosity to the “Love Tree”. Thank you to our teens, and to Suzanne Brooks, Jacqueline Dowd, and to Stephen Brooks for their dedication to our dedicated teens. Welcome to our new parishioners who have registered in our parish since the last edition, and congratulations to new parents who have celebrated their childrens’ baptisms or who are planning for baptisms soon; our parish continues to add new members! Enjoy all the pictures in this new edition, and continue to recognize the beauty of out parish family.

Peace and blessings to you all,
Father Mike