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The quarterly newsletter for Assumption BVM Church


A Letter from Father Mike

As you are reading this edition of “News from the Pews,” I have been in our parish for a bit more than a year. I was a bit nervous when I was first assigned here because I was following Father Bill and you were beginning to mourn your beloved Father Bill. I soon discovered, as I had recently heard from an individual, that you are genuine people, and you have made my transition a smooth one. I am blessed to be with you these several months, and I look forward to several, several, months with you as your Pastor. I have learned that you are truly genuine, and gifted and inspired, too. I am elated to hear some wonderful ideas about what our parish can do in the future, to add to all that we do now. I have heard a desire to do some of “what was” when the school was open. The Holy Spirit, like the wind, moves as He wills, and moves within each of us. Be inspired! I am blessed by my Assumption B.V.M. family!

Peace and love,

Father Mike